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chiropracric care for lower back pain

Chiropractic care for lower back pain with Dr Lockstone

A study from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found 4 million Australians suffer from back problems, including lower back pain. It’s so common that it’s been estimated that 70-90% of people will eventually suffer from it during their lifetime. Lower back pain varies in intensity. It ranges from being mild, and a bit irritating, to quite severe and debilitating. Let’s explore using chiropractic care for lower back pain.

The lower back

The lower back, or lumbar, plays an important part in our lives. It actually bears the majority of the body’s weight and also helps to support some of the stress that comes from lifting and carrying things. Given the role our back plays in our daily lives, it’s in our best interests to look after it.

chiropractic care for lower back pain

Risk factors

There are several risk factors that increase the chance of lower back pain occurring, These can be our fitness level, weight and age. As we get older we may find our bones aren’t as strong as they used to be. This can lead to fractures and reduced muscle tone and elasticity. When this happens the discs in the spine begin to lose flexibility and fluidity, and their ability to cushion the vertebrae is impaired.

lower back pain risks

What causes lower back pain?

Lower back pain has a variety of causes including poor posture, strains and sprains, traumatic injuries, spinal cord and nerve problems, pregnancy, and other issues that might not seem immediately apparent, such as kidney stones and shingles.

Seeking help – chiropractic care for lower back pain

A physical exam by a doctor can often identify anything serious which might be causing the pain. They can perform tests that identify the cause and recommend appropriate treatment, such as medication or stretching exercises.

It could also help to see a Chiropractor. They may determine causes and perform techniques that aim to address back pain related issues. They can realign the spine’s natural curvature, for example, and make it easier for the body to recover from injury, trauma, or poor posture.

It’s important to look after our backs. After all, they literally carry us through life. If you’re experiencing lower back pain, whether it’s mild or more severe, it may help to see a Chiropractor. You can enquire or make a booking at www.mychiro.com.au

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