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Chiropractic treatment for hip pain in pregnancy

As an expectant mother, your body goes through a whole host of changes.

You might experience lower back, pelvic and hip pain caused by the changes – both hormonal and physical – going through your body as you grow your child.

Hip pain in pregnancy is more common than you think, as you begin to put on weight on the front of your body, which puts your centre of gravity out.

This extra weight often means the curvature of your lower spine increases, while your abdominal muscles strain to accommodation the weight.

All of this can put extra strain on your hips.

Pregnancy pains and chiropractic care

The good news is that visiting the chiropractor during your pregnancy can help to provide some relief during your gestation period.

An experienced chiropractor is able to realign your spine and balance your pelvis, which should give you relief in your hips – as this region is all connected.

Chiropractic care is different in pregnancy

When you visit a chiropractor while pregnant, the techniques used on your body will be modified in order to adjust to your condition.

For example, pregnancy pillows and custom made tables will be used to make you feel more comfortable.

Your chiropractor will also take into account your pregnancy and will look for common pregnancy misalignments that can occur during the nine months you are pregnant.

Ways to help your hip health during pregnancy

There are a number of ways you can stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, which is great for the health of your hips. Exercise regularly, doing low-impact sports such as swimming and yoga. These exercises will enable you to keep your core strength up to help with the adjustments of your body changing.

Also be conscious of the way you are sleeping. You should be lying on your left side with a pillow in between your knees to keep your body comfortable. This position takes the pressure off of your growing uterus and its blood vessels, enabling more blood to flow.

Avoid any heavy lifting and rest as much as you can, preferably with your feet elevated.

We hope these tips enable you to enjoy your pregnancy and find comfort. If you would like a pregnancy adjustment, feel free to book an appointment online.

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