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Posture correction with chiropractic treatment

Have you ever experienced pain in your neck or shoulders after extended periods of standing, sitting or lying down? This pain could be attributed to having bad posture.

The correct alignment of the body, commonly known as neutral spine, is essential for health and well-being. There are many reasons why maintaining good posture is important. A strong correctly-aligned physique is not only attractive, but may also boost self-confidence, reduce stress on joints and ligaments, and prevent muscle strain.

There are many physical manifestations of bad posture. These changes may include hunched shoulders, a forward head carriage, rounded upper back, and a curved lower back. Other health issues associated with bad posture may include sciatica nerve pain, headaches, migraines, depression, upper and lower back pain, hip pain, and neck stiffness.

There are many factors that may contribute to bad posture. Some of these factors may include obesity, pregnancy, tight muscles, high-heeled footwear, a sedentary lifestyle, high-stress levels and the increased use of technology.

When one part of your body shifts due to bad posture another area of the body may also move to compensate for the shift, which may cause additional pain due to stress on the spine. Chiropractic treatment may help to ease and correct these symptoms, setting you back on the path to comfort and well-being.

Visiting a nearby chiropractor may help determine whether any joints, ligaments or muscles have shifted and caused the misalignment. A postural assessment by your local chiropractic clinic is the first step to better health. The chiropractor may evaluate your body’s alignment by observing any uneven tilting of the head, the positioning and level of the shoulders, and the orientation of the pelvis. A personalized treatment plan may then be put into place to help reverse these deviations, with rehabilitation activities, continued both at the clinic and at home.

The chiropractic treatment may correct and help ease these symptoms through exercises, chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work and raising awareness of spinal alignment during everyday activities.

Contact your local chiropractic health professional today for your personalized treatment.

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Photo: Spine Side View by planetc1 licensed under Creative commons 5


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