Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey but it can be greatly nerve-wracking. Your body weight changes, sometimes making it difficult to walk or maintain proper posture. Seeking the services of a chiropractor may help relieve these discomforts and ease the burden of being with child.

50% of pregnant women are reported to experience back pain, migraines, hip pain, spinal neck posture issues, joint stiffness, neck pain, or knee pain. These are mostly the result of a misalignment of the joints. The protruding belly increases the curvature of the back while the pelvis adjusts in preparation for labour. However, you should only avoid chiropractic care if you have toxemia, an ectopic pregnancy or you are bleeding.

Chiropractors may help to detect any imbalance on the body and try to resolve it. Incidentally, most people associate chiropractic care with ageing people or treatment after accidents. This is not the case, and this special care is available and applicable for a number of health complications.

After this, you will be amazed by how chiropractic care may turn around your pregnancy experience. Here are a few good reasons to see a chiropractor.

1. Licensed chiropractors are trained in caring for expectant women; therefore, their services may ease the muscular discomforts that come with the extra weight.
2. Chiropractic adjustments hardly cause complications since there are no medicines involved.
3. Chiropractic techniques are executed in a way that no pressure is exerted on the abdomen; thus there’s minimal chance of feeling discomfort.
4. In case of intrauterine constraint (where the mother’s pelvis is not well aligned, the baby may not have sufficient space for movement and may suffer birth defects), chiropractic care may help to resolve this.
5. Chiropractors may also assist to have the baby in the best birth position during delivery by resolving a misaligned pelvis.
6. Having Chiropractic care postpartum is a good idea as it may help your body reset.

Finally, chiropractic care may promote easier and shorter labour. For more information, book an appointment online at It is important to note that chiropractic care cannot be used as a substitute for recommendations given by health practitioners.