Are you suffering from back pain or experiencing problems with your neck and shoulders? If so, we may be able to help.

Using a combination of chiropractic techniques and exercises, we can ease the stress and tension in your muscles and joints, allowing you to move freely without pain and discomfort. We specialise in treating common ailments, such as tension headaches and back pain, and in providing rehabilitative care following back, neck and/or shoulder injuries.

How it works
The chiropractic treatment we offer involves safe, specific spinal adjustments to free up the joints that are not functioning properly. In doing so, we will resolve your joint inflammation and reduce your pain.

While we can use over 100 types of adjustments, we will only usually focus on a few approaches. Typically, the treatment plan we will create for you will involve some forceful adjustments, known as spinal manipulation, and some less forceful adjustments, known as spinal mobilization.

The most frequently used spinal manipulation technique we use is the traditional high-velocity low-amplitude thrust. Sometimes, you will hear a clicking or popping noise when we use this technique, but this is perfectly normal and you should report an improved sense of wellbeing following this type of adjustment.

Evidence suggests that the techniques we use during our treatment sessions are safe and effective. While it is common to experience mild discomfort, stiffness and/or tiredness for a day or two after treatment, these effects are usually only minor and pass without intervention.

In addition to adjustments, we may employ adjunctive therapies, such as ice or heat therapies, and encourage you to engage in gentle physical exercises as part of your overall treatment plan. We will base your treatments on your symptoms and preferences, and will monitor their suitability and effectiveness throughout the course of your time under our care.

The number of treatment sessions you will require will depend on the specific problem you have and your willingness to follow our self-care guidelines. You may need to book treatments as often as several times a week or as little as once every few weeks.

Get in touch with us
If you are looking for a highly trained chiropractor in Bondi Beach, we are here for you. We will listen to you, understand your needs and help you on your road to recovery.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or headaches, please call us today to arrange a consultation with a chiropractor in Bondi Beach.