Your Chiropractor in Bondi Junction will tell you that Chiropractic has been traced back centuries and documented use has been discovered in Ancient Greece and China. They would use this form of procedure to rectify any spinal pain with physical manipulation as it was more effective than medicinal means. 2000 years later and modern science has embraced this procedure to which thousands of people with Neuro-musculoskeletal illnesses have successfully been treated and understanding of human anatomy extended.

A few examples of common causes of pain that can be treated are back strain, certain types of headaches, whiplash and sports injuries. Dr Steven Lockstone has this extensive knowledge and compassion from years of experience to advice on treatments available and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The physical element is the core process as the manipulation involved can be focused on either one area or many areas of pain.

There are several manipulative techniques that can treat an ailment. Broken bones can be fixed, diseases can be inoculated but the major issue with muscular or skeletal aches is that it can be hard to diagnose. You could potentially cause more damage without seeking professional care. The years of experience by our Chiropractor Bondi Junction and their personal extensive anatomy knowledge means that not only will you have a professional experience and a personal one.

A range of treatments available are spinal treatment and joint manipulation. These can be applied to mobility pain or sensory damage. It can be difficult to differentiate between a trapped nerve and a bad sleeping position. The Chiropractor in Bondi Junction are trained to deal with both.

Situated in Bondi Junction neighbouring the Beautiful World Famous Bondi Beach and the Famous rugby League team The Sydney Roosters, you can enjoy a potentially pain free relax on the lounger or an intense match without having to worry about mobility pain. Dr Lockstone also services the neighbouring areas Bronte, Tamara and Waverly with professionalism and the ability to work with any age group.

Living at the heart of a busy business metropolis it can be easy to dismiss a headache as a side effect of a busy lifestyle not realising that it could be stress. Dr Lockstone has the years of experience and knowledge to diagnose and advice on the best course of action.

Regardless of age or lifestyle, if you’re a hardworking business individual or a grandparent wanting to spend some quality time with family but struggle due to degenerative disk disease, instead of choosing to live with pain make the right choice and book an appointment with a Chiropractor Bondi Junction.

Requiring no medical prescriptions or any surgery, let pain be a thing of the past and call to arrange a visit with the best Chiropractor in Bondi Junction today.