Almost 4,000 people live in Dover Heights. Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that, of those 4,000, 70-90% are likely to suffer from lower back pain, not to mention other musculoskeletal disorders [ref]. Whether you have been stuck inside the office all day, or overstretched surfing in Bondi Beach, the answer to your stiff and tired limbs could not be simpler – visit your local chiropractor!

Some may be understandably hesitant about seeking help from a non-conventional medical professional. When translated from the original Greek, ‘chiropractic’ literally means ‘to perform with the hands’. Obviously a chiropractor’s main tools are their hands, but it is not just a case of pushing and pulling the body around arbitrarily. Under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act, a chiropractor must secure a license from the Chiropractic Board of Australia in order to practice, usually after years of hard work in higher education. This means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that a qualified professional is working with you, and under the supervision of the appropriate bodies.

So, as much as chiropractic medicine is classed as an alternative/complimentary medicine, it is still well-regulated and evidence is continually being published in support of it as a valuable, effective treatment. For example, a recent study conducted by the Clovelly Family Chiropractic Centre [ref] showed observable improvement under controlled, randomised conditions; the majority of patients do indeed benefit from chiropractic interventions. This particular study was investigating chiropractic treatment for neck pain, but other examples of common disorders treated by chiropractic methods include back pain, migraines, and general joint issues. Equally, there is some promising research into using chiropractic treatment for a wider range of health conditions, such as knee pain [ref], cervicogenic dizziness [ref], and even lateral epicondylalgia (otherwise known as tennis elbow) [ref].

How exactly does chiropractic treatment work? The basic idea is that manipulating the spine and other bones, muscles and joints can help ease pressure, realigning the body back into its natural state. Releasing a trapped nerve or knocking out a kink can do wonders where conventional painkillers and physiotherapy may have failed. In addition, research has suggested that chiropractic treatment can be more economically viable than other interventions [ref], with regular spinal manipulations ending up much cheaper than surgery or drug therapies.

Dover Heights is not the only area serviced by certified Dover Heights chiropractors. Neighbouring suburbs Rose Bay, Tamarama, Bondi Junction and several others can also benefit from the excellent team with Dr Steven Lockstone. Check out your local

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