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The beautiful suburb of Woollahra, named after an Aboriginal word meaning, ‘a sitting down place’ or ‘meeting ground,’ was founded in 1856 with the laying of the first foundation stone of Woollahra House. Situated just five kilometres east of the Sydney business district, it is a mix of mainly Victorian style residences, commercial, and heritage-listed buildings. An extremely affluent suburb of Sydney, it is home to many government consulates, including Russia, Turkey, Poland and Germany.

It’s also an area whose residents suffer their fair share of muscle and skeletal problems. Whether a work or sports injury, or caused by just over-stretching, the problem can be debilitating, and the pain excruciating. Unfortunately, for all of us as we get older, muscle pulls, and joint and bone problems, seem to become a much more common occurrence.

Back problems especially, can totally incapacitate us for days if not weeks. While the younger generation may get away with a few ibuprofen a day, for a couple of days, the rest of us need professional help.

It has been estimated that worldwide, lower back pain causes more permanent disability than anything else. In Australia alone 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time during their life, and for 10%, it will result in major disability. It is the single most common reason for time off work, and second only to breathing difficulties for doctor visitations.

Thankfully, the majority of back pain problems have no underlying cause, such as arthritis or cancer. Termed non-organic, or mechanical, they are caused by a variety of daily practises such as over-stretching, over-lifting, and twisting of the body.

With the back being such a complicated structural area of spine, discs, ligaments and joints, so many things can go wrong, and they do, for many with alarming regularity. Ligaments can be strained, discs slipped or ruptured, muscles pulled, and joints swollen. Add to that back problems occurring due to internal issues such as kidney infections, stones and blood clots and it’s unsurprising that chiropractors in Woollahra spend much of their time treating these various back conditions.

For many years, sydney chiropractors were largely ignored by the medical profession. Instead, doctors guided patients toward pain killing treatments, directly to physiotherapy, or even hospital operations. However, research has proven that for the majority of acute back pain suffers, spinal manipulations by qualified chiropractor Westfield Bondi Junction, is the safest, and most effective form of initial treatment.

If you suffer regular bouts of back pain, leave the painkillers in the draw. Contact one of our highly qualified westfield chiropractic clinics near Westfield Bondi Junction, and put yourself on the road to permanent relief from chronic back pain.