While Edgecliff boasts a population of approximately 2,000 residents, there are still plenty of individuals who suffer from neck or back pain on a regular basis. Thanks to our experience in this industry, we fully appreciate that there is no such concept as “one size fits all” in reference to chiropractic needs. In simpler terms, what may work excellently for one patient is likely to not offer the same results in another. Thus, a client-centred and targeted approach needs to be taken. By embracing the unique requirements of each individual, effective results can be achieved.

Serving Local Residents
We are happy to be able to offer our services to the population of Edgecliff. However, we are just as pleased to address the chiropractic needs of others in Rushcutters Bay, Darling Point, Double Bay and Paddington (amongst other communities). As a local chiropractor near Edgecliff will often to be able to provide the “personal touch” that may not be possible with larger clinics, all clients can rest assured that they are receiving only the best treatments possible.

Treatment Options
One of the most important areas to address is how a condition will ultimately be treated. As may be expected, the approach will tend to be based around the symptoms and the condition itself. From pain mediation techniques to medical procedures such as back surgery, the solutions are as varied as they are effective. Still, a handful of common options include:

Pain medication.
Physical therapy sessions.
Sports massages.
Heat and cold therapy.
Disc replacement.
Spinal fusion.

Of course, not all treatments are invasive and in the vast majority of cases, patients can expect to experience an increased quality of life. After an initial assessment, the correct course of action will be chosen. The patient will likewise be kept informed during every step and any questions will be adequately answered.

Why Choose a Local Chiropractor Edgcliff?
As mentioned before, a local chiropractor will be able to develop a personalised and “hands-on” approach with every patient. His or her needs will therefore be understood much better. Secondly, travelling to and from the clinic is much easier when compared to a regional commute. Whether one lives near Edgecliff Eastpoint, the railway station or Ascham School, our services are never far off. This can help to add further levels of comfort during the treatment process.

Back pain can be quite tricky to correctly diagnose. Thanks to our expertise in this field and our bespoke treatment plans, the needs of individuals suffering from numerous conditions can be addressed. To learn more or to schedule a much-needed appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest possible convenience to see an Edgecliff Chiropractor.