A Coogee Chiropractor focuses on treating problems affecting the joints of your body, including your bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Focusing on your affected joints, a chiropractor uses specific treatments to allow you to recover quickly. These may include:

Manipulation and mobilisation
Manipulation and mobilisation are two hands-on treatment approaches designed to improve movement within your joints. Some types of manipulation cause your joints to produce noises such as popping or cracking sounds; others do not produce any sounds at all.

Exercise is an essential part of coogee chiropractic care because it helps reinforce the adjustments a chiropractor performs. Exercise aids your recovery by strengthening the muscles that are connected to your bones.

Ultrasound waves can stimulate your body’s innate healing response. They do this by reducing inflammation and improving blood flow in and around your damaged tissues.

Your treatment plan
A Coogee Chiropractor will only treat you following taking your medical history and completing a thorough physical examination. The treatment you receive should not be painful, but if your problem has affected your life for a long time, you may experience some post-treatment soreness. A chiropractor near Coogee will be able to tell you if this is likely, and provide you with guidance on minimising any discomfort.

At your first treatment session, a chiropractor will give you as clear an idea as possible as to the number of treatments you are likely to require. The length of your treatment plan will depend on your individual circumstances. However, a chiropractor will endeavour to update you on your prognosis every time you attend a treatment session.

Your recovery
The speed at which you are likely to recover from your problem will depend on the nature and severity of your problem. However, in most cases, you will feel a definite change for the better after a few treatment sessions. Although some people doubt the effectiveness of chiropractic care, there is a growing body of research-based evidence to support its effectiveness as a treatment for a range of conditions, including persistent lower back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, hip and knee osteoarthritis, and headaches originating from neck problems.

If you are unsure as to whether or not a chiropractor Coogee could help you, please call us today to arrange a consultation. We pride ourselves in offering honest and realistic advice on your requirement for chiropractic care.