It’s not all in your head: how a chiropractor may help your mental health

A blow to your mental health may be more detrimental to your lifestyle than a physical condition. Like sore backs, necks and other joint pain, depression and anxiety may make us bed-bound, affecting our overall quality of life.

While most people think of chiropractic of lessening physical pain, not many realise that the practice may support the recovery of a healthy mind. Here’s a couple of interesting facts about how chiro may help your mind, today:

It helps the release of oxytocin and important hormones that support healthy brain function

Oxytocin, commonly known as the ‘love hormone’, is an important hormone in the body due to its profound effects on the brain. Oxytocin allows the brain to process information more effectively, especially in stressful situations like confrontation, exams or circumstances where you feel nervous.

Chiropractic helps release this hormone through effective manipulation of the joints and muscles for the body’s best alignment. Studies have shown that, following these adjustments, participants experienced hormonal changes in oxytocin, cortisol and other hormones, that led to them feeling more relaxed. This feeling of relaxation is critical when it comes to managing mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

It supports the change of misalignments which may contribute to mental health issues

Misalignment of the spine may have a profound impact on both the pain your body experiences and the pain in your mind. Some misalignments may create pressure on the brain stem – causing a neurological and chemical interference that many people try to alter with medication. Chiropractic may support the best alignment of your spine with simple techniques that are non-invasive and carry fewer side effects than medication.

It helps to reduce muscle tension

Stress may be a significant contributing factor to clients’ mental health issues. Significant stress carries symptoms beyond the scope of simply feeling blue; joints can ache, back pain from slouching can ensue and most prominently, muscle tension can increase. Clients with mental health issues have proven that with regular chiropractic appointments, muscle tension may undergo a significant reduction and clients may experience an increase in mental clarity.

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