Lower back pain: Can you rely on chiropractic treatment?

Do you have lower back pains? Your lower back is engineered to offer support, strength, and flexibility to the upper body. Since your lower end is sensitive to activities of your daily life, you need to ensure any pain or injury is treated immediately.

Visiting a Sydney chiropractor for lower back pain may help treat your problem. Initially, patients used to try this complementary medical practice after exhausting all traditional options. However you may need chiropractic treatments for lower back pain sooner than later. This post will share informative insights on chiropractic treatments.

How chiropractic care may help patients with lower back pain

One of the most significant ways of managing and relieving the pain and swelling caused by lower back pain may be chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic care offers patients a treatment option that’s non-invasive, safe and non-addictive compared to over-the-counter pain medications or prescription medications. A professional chiropractor may provide various chiropractic treatments to treat lower back pain, depending on your condition. Some of these treatments include:

Spinal manipulation

The most popular method chiropractor’s use for lower back pain is spinal manipulation, also referred to as spinal adjustment or spinal manipulative therapy. This technique helps to realign your spine, including the surrounding muscles, without the need for surgical intervention. The treatment method involves an application of controlled force to the joints with tissue injury. Tissue injuries may occur due to trauma caused by lifting heavy objects incorrectly or falling, or repetitive stress like spending many hours sitting in an uncomfortable or awkward position.

During this treatment, a chiropractor applies pressure to your spine using a special instrument or by hand. Since everyone’s body is different, the healthcare provider will use their expertise to evaluate the problem and make the necessary adjustment to suit your needs. This way, the chiropractor may reduce pressure on pinched nerves and give your spine the required space to flex and bend as needed.


Therapeutic massage techniques can also be combined with spinal manipulation. This combination includes trigger point therapy and Active Release Technique (ART), which help work the muscle knots that often develop due to overuse, causing pain.

Physical therapy

Once a spinal adjustment is made, some patients require physical therapy to revert bones to the right alignment. A chiropractor may provide physical therapy to strengthen the back, core and stomach muscles to ensure the spine is aligned and in good health.

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