You'll Know If Chiropractic Is Right

For You After Just 2 Visits.

Normally $120

We use this time to ask the right questions and do specific examinations.

First Visit Consultation


You will get a full explanation and our best recommendations.

Second Visit Report


Further Examination

If required we will send you for further tests to clarify our findings.



You'll spend time with me to discuss your health history and uncover any bad habits that may be affecting your spinal health.

Chiropractic Health History

We take a picture of your posture from the front and side, using a patented Augmented Reality Posture Screening App

Posture Assessment

If your posture is shifting then you may also be putting excess weight on one side of your body.  

You'll stand on a pair of weight balance scales and find out what degree of imbalance you have.

Weight Balance Test

We'll check each of your spinal joints for restricted motion. Spinal joints can get stuck and lose their normal range of motion. This leads to increased muscle tension...

Restricted Motion Check

Muscles and joints surrounding the spinal bones can become tight in order to protect the spinal joint from further damage. 

Muscle , Nerve and Joint Tests

If diagnostically indicated, then you will be referred for a posture x-ray using the new EOS technology.  

The EOS Imaging System is a very low-dose, 3-D imaging system that scans your posture standing up.

Further Assessment


All your findings will be explained in an easy to understand manner and you'll be given a chance to ask questions.

You'll also be give recommendations for care.

Report of Findings

You'll be given a series of postural exercises that you follow using an app on your phone.

Specific Posture Exercises

You'll also receive an exercise band that you can use with your posture exercises.

Posture Exercise Band

You'll receive a massage ball to help reduce any tight muscle spots or nodules.

Muscle Tension Ball



Initial Consultation (Visit 1)  |  Report of Findings (Visit 2)

We have appointments available 

everyday from 7:30am to 7pm

Recommendations and Exercises

Normally $120

Initial Consultation, Report, Recommendations and Exercises

Intro Voucher


Legally, we cannot include treatment because we can not assume that you will need treatment.

*Treatment Not Included

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Offer Terms & Conditions

This is one time offer and limited to 1 per person, new patient ONLY.  ​$60 payment shall be made to activate this voucher prior to the consultation appointment.  ​Not valid with any other offer.  ​This special offer is an opportunity to find out the cause of your condition and to see if chiropractic care can help.  ​No treatment will be performed on the first visit.  ​The $60 fee covers the initial consultation and examination, x-rays if required are covered under Medicare or if you don't have Medicare then you will be out of pocket and report of findings on your second visit.  ​If you decide that you would like to proceed with treatment, our normal treatment fee will apply.  ​There is no obligation to begin treatment. Chiropractic treatment will only commence where there is informed consent from the patient.  ​Chiropractic treatment will only commence where there is reasonable clinical indication that treatment will be beneficial.  ​Treatment is not included in this offer. ​This voucher can be used anytime and does not expire.

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