Sinus adjustment: breathe easy

Spring is here! For some, this means appreciating the blossoms and fragrance of countless trees, shrubs and grasses coming into season, while for others it means misery and a constant reliance on antihistamines until mid-summer.

If you suffer from allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or persistent sinusitis you’ll most likely be all too familiar with chronic sinus pain, inflammation, neck pain and heavy pressure from headaches.

Instead of running to the chemist for a temporary pharmaceutical solution, find a chiropractor. They might give you some preventative relief through sinus adjustment!

How does sinus adjustment work?

The sinuses are hollow spaces in your skull which can easily become blocked with fluid when inflamed.

This inflammation is typically the result of an infection; normally brought on by the flu or allergic reactions, like hay fever. Symptoms be acute or chronic and are common across a range of ages – from teenagers to retirees.

To help relieve immediate discomfort, your chiro might be able to gently manipulate your back, neck and facial muscles to help drain sinus fluid. A common cause which adds to the discomfort of sinusitis is often due to a misaligned vertebra which can exacerbate blockages in the sinuses. When attended to, these problem-causing obstructions may be able to be partially or even entirely cleared, allowing the sinuses to open up – helping to alleviate pain.

Potentially drug-free relief

Chiropractic care might also prove to be a beneficial preventative therapy.

Those who suffer from chronic sinusitis or hay fever usually require constant medication to keep symptoms at bay. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the central nervous system controls every function within your body. By physically improving the pathways which link your central nervous system to your respiratory system, it might be possible to encourage better sinus drainage, preventing discomfort and mucus retention from causing continual problems.

In other words, chiropractic treatment might be a more effective way of addressing the root cause of the issue instead of taking anti-inflammatory medication ad-hoc.

Once you’ve made an appointment with a nearby chiropractor, you can discuss treatment plans for drug-free relief! Book an appointment online at