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What to expect from your first chiropractor’s appointment

Visiting your nearby chiropractor for the first time doesn’t need to be a nerve-racking experience. There are a lot of assumptions about exactly what chiropractors offer their patients, and these assumptions can cause uncertainty in what to expect from a standard chiropractic consultation.

In this article, we take you through what you’re likely to experience during your first chiropractor appointment, what you need to prepare for your initial visit, and dispel any myths surrounding treatment and follow up consultations.

Your current health and history

Just like any other therapist or medical professional, your chiropractor will want to know a little about your medical history and the current state of your health. This will allow the chiropractor to treat you accordingly and build an understanding of what you need in your treatments.

It is essential to bring along any relevant medical documentation you have. For example, you may have seen another doctor or received scans for your issue and possess materials addressing your diagnoses, such as reports and results. These are the types of documentation your chiropractor will want to see, also to avoid repeating any scans or tests you have already had.

Postural assessments

Depending on what you are seeing the chiropractor for, your therapist may choose to undertake a postural analysis in your initial consultation. Through a range of positioning and simple movements, your chiropractor will assess your spinal position and the alignment of your entire body. Wearing something comfortable is essential for this, as well as clothing you can move easily around in.


It is highly likely you will receive some initial treatment during your first consultation. While we cannot specify exactly what, as every person’s needs are completely unique, your chiropractor will walk you through the types of treatment techniques they use, and provide you options to find a style that suits you best.


Chiropractor’s aim to look after the longevity of your health, assisting in proactive treatments and ongoing rehabilitation. Your chiropractor may give you some initial recommendations for your exercise routine, either modifying or adding in certain activities, as well as dietary suggestions, potentially more scans or tests, and follow up appointments. The initial appointment is aimed to create an overview of what your body needs, however, this may extend across many sessions depending on the severity of your needs.

Are you looking to see a chiropractor Sydney based for the first time? Or do you have questions about whether a chiropractor can treat you? Call us today and we can help evaluate your treatment options!

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