Meet The Doctors

MyChiro was founded in 2000 while Dr Steven Lockstone was a student at RMIT in Melbourne. Steven started mentoring Australia’s most successful chiropractors developing a national spinal screening team that conducted extensive community outreach. Over five years, Steven and his team helped eleven thousand people find local chiropractors. In Steven’s fourth year studying a Bachelor of Clinical Science at RMIT, he decided to open his first practice in Melbourne.


Dr. Steven Lockstone


Our Chiropractor in Bondi Junction has been in practice since 2002. Many patients looking for a “chiropractor near me” choose Dr Steve because he is caring, professional and takes the time to listen. If you’re local to Bondi Junction then Dr Steve may be the best Chiropractor for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our Bondi Junction Chiropractic Clinic.


Dr. Morgan Wood


Chiropractor Dr. Morgan Wood completed the degrees required to be qualified as a registered Chiropractor at the University of NSW majoring in in Anatomy and Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. He is highly experienced in spinal correction to improve health having worked as a Chiropractor for over 20 years.

The Intent Behind the Creation of MyChiro

MyChiro was created to establish a better service for those seeking a healthy lifestyle and to provide education for others in the industry, demonstrating how to communicate the chiropractor’s message clearly. Dr Steven Lockstone proceeded to expand after his studies, opening another practice in Melbourne and one in Sydney. He wanted to help chiropractors find work and expose the amazing things chiropractic care could do for people. Dr Steven Lockstone believes that educating chiropractors will lead to a healthier community. His goal is to expand the clinics by delivering a convenient high standard of care that fits our busy lifestyles.

MyChiro’s Testimony to Clients

MyChiro’s primary focus is to take the stress out of making health a priority, maintaining a wellness lifestyle and improving health naturally without turning to drugs or surgery. The MyChiro model is set up to show you convenience, with no lock-in appointments; just come at the very next adjusting time. With online booking and a 24/7 Australian call centre, MyChiro works to your schedule. Dr Lockstone takes the time to explain your health from a chiropractic perspective, showing you how to read your X-rays to understand the logic behind the pain. MyChiro understands that the process of correcting alignment can be slightly intimidating at first. Dr Lockstone uses various techniques, whether it’s low force or applied pressure, only after confirming that you’re ready to go. Many people experience benefits from chiropractic care. Dr Steven Lockstone has personally assisted and successfully treated 3000 patients in his 20 years as a professional.