“You’ll know if chiropractic is right for you after just 2 visits”
Dr Steven Lockstone Chiropractor


Spine Care Chiropractic

Health History

You’ll spend time with your chiropractor to discuss your health history and uncover any bad habits that may be affecting your spinal health.

Posture Assessment

We take a picture of your posture from the front and side, using a patented Augmented Reality Posture Screening App

Weight Balance Test

If your posture is shifting then you may also be putting excess weight on one side of your body which we will identify using a set of posture scales. 

Restricted Motion

We’ll check each of your spinal joints for restricted motion. Spinal joints can get stuck and lose their normal range of motion. This leads to increased muscle tension

Muscle, Nerve and Joint Tests

Muscles and joints surrounding the spinal bones can become tight in order to protect the spinal joint from further damage.

Further Assessment

If diagnostically indicated, then you will be referred for a posture x-ray using the new EOS technology. The EOS Imaging System is a very low-dose, 3-D imaging system that scans your posture standing up.

Chiropractic Care


Report Of Findings

All your findings will be explained in an easy to understand manner and you’ll be given a chance to ask questions. You’ll also be give recommendations for care.

Posture Exercises

You’ll be given a series of postural exercises that you follow using an app on your phone.

Chiropractic Care

Posture Bands

You’ll also receive an exercise band that you can use with your posture exercises.

Muscle Tension Ball

You’ll receive a massage ball to help reduce any tight muscle spots or nodules.

Chiropractic Care

*Treatment Not Included

Legally, we cannot include treatment in the cost because we can not assume that you will need treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic is recognised as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints such as back pan, neck pain and cervicogenic headaches.

Every therapy has risks but you'll be suitably assessed prior to receiving treatment

This obviously varies depending on your own unique needs and state of health. The first step is to have a consultation to determine the starting point.

The reality is that life creates constant stresses on our body, from sitting in front of a computer to staring down at a mobile phone...so some form of regular tune up can really help.

However how long you choose to benefit from care is always up to you.

Absolutely not. Our treatments are gentle and are tailored to the needs of each individual. All our practitioners are trained in multiple techniques that give us a wide range of options when it comes to creating a custom care plan for you.

Our fees are clearly laid out for you upfront and there are no suprises. We keep our feel inline with the market expectation.

Our treatment is covered by all private health funds and you can claim your rebate directly with the health fund.