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How Much is a Chiropractor? –  The Cost Guide

If pain is limiting your ability to move freely or sit comfortably, it’s time to consider your treatment options.

Understandably, some people are hesitant to enquire about chiropractic treatment due to cost concerns.

That’s why we lay out our costs up-front; this ensures you’re making an informed decision about your health and treatment.

In this guide, we break down what each MyChiro session entails and how much they cost.

This way, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need prior to your first consult.  

What Do Chiropractors Do? 

Chiropractors are primary contact doctors (meaning you don’t require a GP referral to make an appointment) that use their hands to treat issues related to the spine, bones, joints, and muscles.

They also work with patients to address work and life stressors, overall health, nutrition, genetic and postural issues, and emotional connections and patterns held in the body. 

Chiropractors can evaluate and treat conditions including:

Your chiropractor will use orthopedic, mobility, and flexibility tests to help diagnose your pain.

Treatment will vary depending on your condition and may include exercises, adjustments, and soft tissue work. 

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost? 

Initial Consultations for new clients at MyChiro are $60. This consultation will be broken down into two sessions, in which your chiropractor will thoroughly review your case history, complete relevant examinations, and offer a plan of action. 

Let’s take a closer look at what each session entails. 

Initial Consultation: Day One 

On your first visit to MyChiro, your chiropractor will ask you a number of questions.

This will help them gain a better understanding of your health history, goals and objectives, and pain profile.

They will also note your body temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure to get a clearer picture of your overall health. 

After you’ve discussed your case history with your chiropractor, they will perform a few examinations to assess where your pain is coming from and determine the possible root of the problem. 

During the examination, your chiropractor will assess your spine for a curvature or other abnormalities.

This examination is known as a spinal assessment. 

Your chiropractor will also perform orthopaedic tests to identify any bone, spinal, muscle, joint, or tissue conditions.

They will use their hands to palpate, move, and manipulate these areas to assess their mobility and identify any irregularities and decide if you need chiropractic alongside massage.

Additionally, you will undergo weight balance tests and neurological tests.

The neurological examination involves reflex and numbing tests, which work to assess your motor, cranial, and sensory nerves. 

From here, your chiropractor may recommend further testing, including X-rays and other scans.

Each of these tests will give help your chiropractor reach a diagnosis, and the results will inform their care recommendations. 

This initial consultation will take about 30 minutes.

Your Next Steps

You may be required to undergo additional testing between your two sessions.

Your chiropractor will arrange referrals for X-rays and other scans you need to complete.

Initial Consultation: Day Two

On your second visit — this session is also included in the initial $60 payment — your chiropractor will run you through recommendations and a plan of action.

You’ll be taken through your examination report and test results during this session.

Your chiropractor will explain the source of your pain (a diagnosis) and recommended treatment options, as well as nutritional and lifestyle adjustments. 

Your treatment plan will be personalised to you and crafted to eliminate your pain and keep you out of pain in the long run. 

How Much is an Adjustment at a Chiropractor?

If your case is accepted by one of our chiropractors, you can choose to receive your first adjustment.

Depending on the source of the issue, your adjustment may involve

  • Spinal manipulation, where your chiropractor uses their hands to apply pressure to the spinal joint.
  • Mobilisation, where your chiropractor gently moves the painful joint to increase mobility.
  • Soft tissue massage, which involves working on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to promote blood flow and healing. 

Will My Chiropractic Treatment Be Covered By Private Health?

Chiropractic treatment at MyChiro is covered by all private health funds.

You can claim your rebate directly with your nominated health fund. 

Move Towards Pain-Free Living

Navigating chiropractor prices can seem daunting, particularly when considering the variance between regions like Adelaide and Melbourne. However, the cost often reflects the quality and effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments.

It’s essential to compare the chiropractor Adelaide prices with the chiropractor cost in Melbourne to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Moreover, engaging with a private health insurance company can help mitigate these expenses. The insurance provider often covers a portion of the chiropractor fee, making regular visits more affordable.

Remember, investing in your health through private health insurance and regular chiropractic care can be beneficial in the long run.

At MyChiro, our team of specialised professionals use the most advanced healing technologies to treat your pain and get you moving freely again.

You can book your initial $60 consultation with one of our expert chiropractors online now. Have a question for us? We’re here to help.

You can contact us with all queries about chiropractic care, costs, and treatment.