Chiropractic treatment for sciatica nerve pain

What is sciatica?

Sciatica nerve pain is a pain like no other. It can range from mild to severe and it’s generally characterised by a shooting pain anywhere along the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve in our bodies, extending from low in the back, into the hips and buttocks, and running down the back of both legs.

What causes sciatica nerve pain?

Sciatica often begins with a herniated disc – also sometimes referred to as a slipped disc, ruptured disc or a pinched nerve. A herniated disc occurs when one of the flat, round discs that separate the vertebrae is pushed out of alignment. The disc then irritates or pinches the surrounding sciatic nerve.

What are the risk factors?

Some factors that increase people’s chances of developing sciatica nerve pain include:

– Age – the 30-50 age range is most affected
– Heavy lifting for prolonged periods
– A sedentary lifestyle.

Do I have sciatica nerve pain?

You may have sciatica nerve pain if your symptoms include:

– Lower back pain
– Hip pain
– Pain in the upper leg or buttocks that gets worse when sitting
– Persistent pain on one side of the buttocks
– Pain that travels down one leg and makes standing up painful.

If the pain is stopping you from living your life, you should get a diagnosis from a chiropractor. He or she will review your medical history, examine you thoroughly and, if necessary, proceed with x-rays.

Once a correct diagnosis has been made, your chiropractor will be able to offer appropriate treatment.

What kind of chiropractic treatment is there?

Chiropractors specialise in restoring spinal biomechanics, often delivered through a series of spinal adjustments. These are sometimes called manipulations and they can vary in terms of pressure and force. Your chiropractor will know which adjustment technique is right for your situation.

For sciatic nerve treatment, a chiropractor may choose to manipulate the spine in such a way as to restore a herniated disc to its correct place. This will subsequently remove pressure from the sciatic nerve and pain should recede almost immediately.

If you think you have sciatica nerve pain, consult a chiropractor today for a diagnosis. Fast, effective, drug-free relief could soon be on its way.

Dr. Steven Lockstone


Dr Steven is a Sydney Chiropractor in Bondi Junction with 21 years clinical experience.

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