Helping tension headaches through chiropractic care

Headaches affect so many of us each and every day. Anything that stimulates pain receptors in our head or neck can lead to a headache, these may include stress, muscle tension, diet, hormonal influences, blood pressure, posture, dehydration, the list goes on… Whatever the cause, one thing we know for sure is headaches are never fun.

Tension headaches are a very common type of headache that gives the feeling like there is a tight band or dull ache around the head and behind the eyes. There have been many studies conducted around tension headaches and how chiropractic care can help. The adjustments that chiropractors can make have been seen to be very effective, especially in treating tension headaches that originate from the neck region.

Chiropractors work through a range of techniques, manipulating the body’s alignment to relieve pain and improve internal functions, thus, in turn, helping the body to heal itself naturally.

If you’re a regular headache sufferer it’s worth having a check-up from your chiropractor to alleviate any built up tension and check there is no other underlying cause. During your visit to your chiropractor, they will thoroughly examine you to find the cause of the headaches and try to pinpoint the area causing the tension. From here, with their set of skills and manipulation techniques they will help you on your journey to reducing headaches, hopefully in turn meaning you will no longer have to rely on pain medication, wouldn’t that be nice!

Of course, everybody is different and one form of care might work better for one person than it would for another. However, from the numerous studies conducted it has been seen that there is a significant improvement in people who suffer tension headaches who visit a chiropractor regularly.

So, if you’re over headaches or have another issue you’d like to speak with us about book an appointment online today with the best chiropractor Sydney has to offer.

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Dr. Steven Lockstone


Dr Steven is a Sydney Chiropractor in Bondi Junction with 21 years clinical experience.

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