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Neck Pain Stiffness

 It is no secret that once in a while you might experience neck pain. This pain is a result of multitudes your daily activities such as falling asleep on a chair, watching TV, reading story books, playing computer games and so on. However, experiencing severe neck pain means that there’s something wrong in your body; it’s an indication that your neck needs medical attention.

Human neck is made up of seven bones which are supported by muscles and ligaments. When one of the bones is injured, it becomes inflamed and irritated and the result is pain!

Chiropractic diagnosis and treatment of neck pain and treatment

Before deciding on the treatment approach to use, the chiropractic may evaluate the whole spine as well as the affected area. The chiropractor may also determine your body mechanics, that is, how you walk, your spinal alignment and your posture. Apart from these physical tests, your chiropractor may need to know your medical history and may request for X-ray or MRI to diagnose the exact affected area and the primary cause of the pain. Once the cause of suffering is determined, the chiropractor comes up with a treatment plan specifically to relieve your pain.

Sometimes, a chiropractor may rule out that the neck requires surgery particularly when he or she believes that your condition will be better rectified via non-surgical procedures.

There are various combinations of treatments plan for neck pain and stiffness, and the common ones include manual therapy and spinal manipulation.

Manual therapies

This technique involves several approaches such as the use of specialised instruments to treat muscle tension (soft tissue therapy), manual joint stretching, a massage to relax the tense muscle, and trigger therapy to relieve painful joints.

Spinal manipulation

In this method, a chiropractor in Sydney may employ flexion-distraction (use of hands to gently pump inter-vertebral disc), instrument-assistant manipulation, and specific spinal manipulation (use of gentle thrush force to restore joint movement).

These techniques are just examples of the treatment plan for neck pain. There is a broad spectrum of methods that chiropractors can apply depending on your condition.

If you are experiencing neck pain, chiropractic care may offer a great result. It is associated with lots of benefits such as improving flexibility, reducing pain and discomfort, decreasing inflammation and improving your lifestyle. If you are out there looking for neck pain solutions, visit or call us and we’ll examine, diagnose and do our best to provide necessary treatment for your condition.


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