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Put your best foot forward with a chiropractor

Combined, your two feet contain around a quarter of all your body’s bones – not to mention a tonne of tendons, ligaments and delicate soft tissue. But, how often do we really give them the attention and care they deserve? Usually, only when they’re in pain! Yet it’s not only our feet that will cry out when something is wrong – you may be surprised to learn that your old knee injury, chronic back or neck pain, sciatic pain or even headaches and migraines may actually begin with a malalignment of the feet.

So, could chiropractic care help keep you on your feet?

Chiropractors holistically focus on increasing balance and stability, strength, and flexibility. One thing a good chiropractor does when assessing a client is spotting any ‘compensatory’ injuries or pain – that is, any injury or pain that results from our natural urge to compensate for injury – sometimes without being conscious of doing so. Finding the root cause of a problem is a chiropractor’s goal. Such compensation injuries are common when it comes to foot pain. For example, you may feel a tinge when you exert your full weight on your left heel, causing you to favour the other side when you step. Before you know it, you’ve shortened the calf muscle and tightened the tendon, and are on a fast-track to a full-blown limp!

Having your balance, gait and motility assessed by a chiropractor

An appointment with a chiropractor gives you the chance to talk through all your pain, while having your balance, gait and motility assessed to identify the source of the problem. By working from the foundation up, your chiropractor may provide relief and advice for foot care – before you feel it in your spine or neck.

It’s estimated the average person will walk the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference five times in their life. That’s a LOT of time spent on your feet, so it pays to ensure they’re happy and healthy. To find out how a chiropractor near you could help you walk tall for years to come, book an appointment online today.

Photo: These boots was made for walking … by W J (Bill) Harrison licensed under Creative commons 4


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