Sacroiliac Pain Dysfunction

If you feel pain in your lower back every time you get up from your chair, it could just be your sacroiliac joint. But don’t let it get the best of you because, with a proper treatment plan, you may be able to overcome it.

Where is the joint located?

There are two sacroiliac joints located on each side of your spine, on the lower back. They are primarily tasked to handle the weight of your upper body when you stand and thereafter transmit it to the legs.

What does the pain feel like?

It can either be dull or sharp pain that begins at the joint and may move to the thighs, the groin, the upper back and the buttocks. Sometimes, the pain may be felt on one side of your back and it often occurs in the morning and lessens later in the day.

Why does it happen?

It occurs when your sacroiliac joints get inflamed while playing or when you fall. Also, activities that regularly pound the joint can trigger the problem. If you have a habit of making uneven strides because the length of your legs does not match, this can cause you sacroiliac pain. Your leg joints move abnormally when the ligaments holding them together are damaged. An arthritis type known as ankylosing spondylitis affects your spine and may also cause pain in your SI joint. When pregnant, your body releases hormones that loosen up the joints.

How to get relief

The first step is to stop doing the things that cause this pain like sports and have our Chiropractors assess the situation. Physical therapy like exercises may help you to become more flexible and correct certain habits that you adopted to lessen the pain at the SI joint. Our therapists may give you heat and cold treatments, stretching, ultrasound and massage to ease the problem. A shot of cortisone may be administered to reduce inflammation or we may numb the nerves around the area. If the cause is loose joints, we may give you an injection that will tighten the loose ligaments. Chiropractors may use their techniques to move around your muscles and joints and improve flexibility.

What to do if this doesn’t help

If you experience pain in your lower back pain or even neck pain that you’re dealing with through massage or pills, don’t ignore it or try to suppress it. Call us today for us to examine the pain and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for you.