The most common concerns you didn’t know a chiropractor treated

Have you pulled your back moving house? Or are you a regular sufferer of migraines? More than likely you haven’t turned to your chiropractor for help with these issues, probably due to the assumption that these type of conditions aren’t what a chiropractor treats. However, there are many injuries and conditions that a chiropractor can help you with, as well as guiding you through the necessary rehabilitation to get you back to your favourite activities.
Here are the common everyday injuries and conditions a chiropractor can treat that you may not have known of!
Migraines and headaches
Headaches are common to most people, but the vast majority of the population don’t realise the association between spinal position and alignment to the cause of the headache. While some medications treat the symptoms of migraines and headaches, such as vomiting and nausea, chiropractors are able to help address the direct reason for the pain.
Whether your migraines have come from lifelong postural issues or an injury that has occurred recently, chiropractic treatment of headaches helps to relieve the pain, minus the injury, and prevent the issue from being a daily discomfort.
Sporting injury and prevention
Whether you are a casual runner for fitness or a professional athlete, chiropractors treat a wide range of sporting and exercise injuries. With such a great load on the body during these activities, spinal issues can affect the major joints in the body, such as the shoulders, knees, and hips, and challenge the ankles, elbows, and wrists.
The chiropractic approach is suited to both acute injuries, one that has happened recently and that needs immediate attention, and ongoing pain from old injuries or repeated use of the joint. While you may not have an injury, chiropractor’s preventive treatment could be a viable option, especially during intense training or as the body ages.
Workplace injuries
One of the most common injuries and concerns our chiropractors see are the effects of workplace pain and injuries. While some injuries are more severe, such as physical impact in an accident, the majority of issues come from sedentary or repetitive workplace movement.  
Posture is a very common issue that a chiropractor aids in the rehabilitation of, helping to strengthen the spine, find a position that supports the entire body, and even address the issues surrounding stress on the body during this repetitive actions.
Are you experiencing pain from an injury, or from a concern that seems unexplainable? Book in to see one of our professionals, and evaluate your treatment options today!

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