Why Do I Need A Chiropractor?

It is estimated that around 80% of us in the developed world will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. If that sounds like the situation that you are in, a Randwick chiropractor could offer you some relief. Although some patients attend their chiropractor looking for relief from problems including mental health conditions, stomach disorders, and asthma, it’s more common for Randwick chiropractors to treat musculoskeletal complaints (problems with the joints, the muscles, the spine, shoulders, lower back and neck), with a combination of hands-on treatment, at-home exercises, and lifestyle advice. Common problems presented to chiropractors include, but are not limited to:

Sciatica and leg pain
Problems with the hip, knee, ankle, and feet joints
Pain or other issues with the joints of the arms, wrists, and elbows
Lower back pain
Shoulder conditions
Neck pain

Assisting the New South Wales Communities of Point Piper and Beyond

Whether you live and work in Point Piper, Darling Point, Rose Bay, Double Bay, or Bellevue Hill, we are locally based and can make an appointment to suit your schedule. Maybe you already live a healthy and active lifestyle, making use of the fabulous natural scenery and water in the area to walk, surf, play beach volley ball, or swim, or perhaps, like many of us, you lead a more sedentary life and occasionally over-indulge in processed and unhealthy foods. Whatever your lifestyle, there is no judgement.

As friendly professionals, we can offer you appropriate treatments and advice regarding rehabilitation, diet, nutrition, posture, and exercise- all with the aim of helping you to reduce the pain and improve any medical conditions you may have.

What Else Do I Need to Know Before I Visit My Chiropractor?

Randwick Chiropractors offer a complementary and alternative therapy, meaning that you should also use your doctor’s services if you have any medical conditions which require treatment. Chiropractors aim to diagnose, prevent and treat conditions relating to the joints, muscles, and spine, and many people worldwide are convinced of the benefits.

Typically, a reliable chiropractor will take your medical history before beginning their assessment of you, which will include a discussion of your symptoms and a physical examination. Treatments and their length will vary according to the individual and the severity of their symptoms, but chiropractors are most famous for their practice of “spinal manipulation”, which works a little like a massage in order to loosen up stiff joints and muscles and give relief from chronic pain.

Give your local chiropractor a call today to see what they can do for you.