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Specialist Areas of Focus Include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Posture correction


  • Bachelor of Science – Clinical
  • Bachelor of Science – Chiropractic

Dr Steven’s Connection to the Industry? 

Steven lived in South Africa as a young boy. In his early years, he didn’t grow correctly; in response, he received hormone injections, resulting in rapid growth spurts. His bones could not effectively manage the sudden growth causing the development and diagnosis of Scheuermann’s disease. The underdeveloped bones started to crumble because of the sudden increased weight. He developed bad sciatica, but after months of excruciating pain, his mother decided to take him to a chiropractor, and they helped him alleviate the pain he had been experiencing. 

By developing a personal connection to chiropractic care, Steven dedicated his studies to the practice to one day help people in the way he had been shown a higher quality of living. 

A Personal Approach to Chiropractic

Dr Steven Lockstone focuses on posture correction, which is the window to your spine. Correcting the alignment of the posture relieves body stress, heightening its ability to self-heal. Finding the direct cause of pain is integral to attaining longevity in your new pain-free life. That’s why MyChiro is all about communication and education, learning about the way your body moves and heals.

Dr. Steven Lockstone

Steven published a book titled ‘The Most Painful Book You’ll Ever Read’. He dedicates his time educating chiropractors and providing regular community talks to share the power of chiropractic care.

In Steven’s spare time, he devotes himself to rigorous exercise, participating in marathons, triathlons and adventure racing.

When Steven isn’t racing or working with patients, he spends his time with Axel and Allie, his two adorable children, alongside his wife, Martine.

Web developing enthusiast and master of the Rubix Cube are just a few vigilante titles Steven operates under.

Steven strives to create a personal, comfortable, and convenient environment at MyChiro. He understands that our schedules insist on constricting our desire to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Steven is there to work with you… on your time.