Back pain? How you dress could be making it worse

Most back pain sufferers will generally know what’s the cause of their back pain; they can trace the onset of their pain to an event in their life, such as an injury, or as result of a prolonged period of repeated activity. However, what most aren’t aware of are the simple clothing choices exacerbating their pain, triggering repeat discomfort and reducing their ability to manage their situation. We outline the simple clothing and shoe choices heightening your upper and lower back pain, adding to your recovery time and aggravating your condition.

Tight clothing

One of the essential components of managing lower back pain is blood flow; we know when we sit or lay inactive for extended periods, the pain can worsen due to the lack of blood flow circulating through the affected area. Tight clothing can easily restrict blood flow, especially when wearing pieces while sitting, like tight denim or shirts that are ill-fitting. Loose-fitting clothes allow for the maximum amount of movement; easy swaps are choosing looser fitting jeans, such as straight leg or boot cut alternatives, and avoiding non-restrictive accessories, like tight synching waist belts.

Heavy handbag

The heavier you carry your bag, the more pressure you put on your joints, muscles and affected areas of your back. Totes and satchels carried on one shoulder can cause you to compensate for the added weights, and you will find yourself moving lopsided after prolonged use. Especially for those suffering lower and upper back pain, backpacks are the best alternative. The design of a backpack aims to distribute the weight evenly across your back and shoulders, and with adjustable straps, it’s possible to control the pressure on the irritated parts of your body.

High heels

The consistent wearing of high heels has become universally known for causing long-lasting repercussions on the feet, the biggest issue being bunions and unbearable foot pain. However, wearing high heels can further aggravate lower back pain without your knowledge. To help stabilise yourself in the shoes, your lower back arches more than usual, causing pressure on your discs, and further trauma to your overall spine, hips and hamstrings. Supportive flat shoes are the better alternative to high heels, especially as the long term use can cause more damage than good.

Unsupportive clothing worn repeatedly

Any piece of unsupportive clothing worn continually will pose issues for those with lower back pain. Uniforms are one of the most problematic clothing items; not only do we have little choice in what we wear, but we have no flexibility to wear anything else. If uniforms are an issue for you, consider opting for looser fits or differing styles, such as t-shirts over tight tank tops, for example.

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay