Four easy ways to improve your child’s posture

Good posture begins when you are young and able to adopt positive postural habits quickly. As we grow older, we appreciate that a lack of understanding of good posture has led to us suffering back pain, neck pain, poor alignment, and years of immobility. Creating a foundation for good posture needs to start early, so we better support the development of the ones we love. Below, we share with you our expert chiropractic tips for encouraging healthy posture in children, introducing ways to support their spinal growth naturally.

Sitting with dynamic movement

Seats with back support are excellent for adults who needs sustained core and spinal support; however, this isn’t the case for young children. Parents are best encouraging their children to explore dynamic seating, in which the chair is without back support, allowing the child to practise engaging their core muscles to support them. This style of exercise could be fun and is easily made into a game for unfocussed children.

Encourage basic exercise and fitness

Through our sedentary lifestyles, we’ve learned the importance of movement, exercise and fitness, to sustain our body’s longevity and overall spine health. The earlier this is encouraged in children, the better, as they learn that exercise and movement is part of daily life. The movement doesn’t have to be conventional exercise, such as running, for example. Exercise may include playtime outside with sporting equipment, playgrounds with climbable aspects, or taking them to play centres with challenges and dynamic activities.

Postural checks and analysis

Children are just as highly encouraged to receive postural analysis and checks as regularly as adults. As the formative years are critical for growth and development, this time presents ample opportunity to correct any issues, from major spinal problems to smaller postural changes that increase flexibility in the spine. With this simple yet effective form of support and analysis, children have a greater ability to grow with greater postural awareness and pain-free joints and muscles.

Corrective braces and orthotics

Through the postural check we just mentioned, your chiropractor may uncover spinal issues within your child. This time is the best to address them with braces and orthotics, to help avoid these issues becoming more significant in adult life. With many options available, it’s easy to find discrete, comfortable supports that your children will wear.

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Dr. Steven Lockstone


Dr Steven is a Sydney Chiropractor in Bondi Junction with 21 years clinical experience.

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