Five aches and pains you didn’t know your back was causing

Most of us start suffering from random aches and pains at a certain point in our lives. Often we don’t question where these pains are coming from. Interestingly enough, a lot of these sore bits will be caused by bad alignment or other back problems.

1. Headaches

Headaches can be caused by stress or dehydration, but there is a good chance they are being caused by your back. Most of us hunch to stare at screens or spend most of the day sat down. This can affect your spine, especially in your upper vertebrae, which can then put pressure on your brain stem and neck muscles.

2. Hip pain

Since the hip joint is right near the spine, one is very likely to affect the other. If you are struggling with hip pain, it could be as a result of sciatica or poor alignment. Your back muscles connect to your bum and hip muscles. If they are not being properly supported, this will mess with these important muscles and your hip joints will start to suffer.

3. Knee pain

This one is often a surprise to people, as your knees are a fair bit further from your back than your head or hips. However, all of the nerves that live around your knee joints are housed in your back and if they are not functioning properly, nerves can misfire and affect the important muscles around your knees.

4. Wrist/hand pain

Carpal tunnel, numbness or pain in parts of the palm and fingers are relatively common ailments caused by office work. However, these can also be caused by issues in the cervical spine. Once again, the spine can impact on nerve roots, which will then cause pain in a seemingly unconnected area of the body.

5. Foot pain

This one is more to do with your posture. Having poor spinal alignment can often mean you have a bad posture, which can impact on your feet. The way we carry ourselves is largely shaped by the spine, and this can cause us to walk strangely by rolling in or out on our feet. Over time, this can cause serious issues.

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