How to choose the best mattress for your back pain

Lower and upper back pain sufferers know how difficult it is to enjoy a sound night’s sleep that is pain and restless free. Yet, the perfect mattress is essential to managing back pain at night. As local chiropractors, we encourage every person to find the right bed for them. In this article, we share with you our tips to finding a mattress to suit you, and how to manage your back pain with simple mattress choices.

Don’t be fooled by the price

As a general rule, mattress prices are usually indicative of quality, as the higher the price tends to reflect the quality of the mattress. Cheap mattresses are often lacking in quality materials, such as supportive springs and breathable padding, and aren’t ideal for daily use or people with persistent back pain. If you want to secure a mattress bargain, look for sales within high-quality mattress establishments before settling for a cheap alternative.

Look for testing opportunities

There are a variety of mattress testing options available to shoppers now, allowing you to test the mattress for a certain period before making a permanent commitment. These options are worth undertaking, especially if the brand you have chosen offers this opportunity regardless. However, it’s essential to establish the fine print before utilising this option, as some terms and conditions restrict you to specific time frames or bedding to use during the trial.

Discover what you need

When finding a mattress, it’s best to shop with an understanding of your needs, rather than what’s on offer. Your chiropractor will be able to advise the style of mattress that best addresses your specific back pain; with an understanding of firmness levels, you will be able to shop confidently between the different brands.

Some mattress companies make claims about the style of mattress they offer, such as orthopaedic approved or certain guarantees of firmness in their ranges. There is no continuity between the brands, and each mattress level of firmness is entirely different, therefore knowing what you need is crucial so you can better distinguish between the various options.

Opt for mattress speciality brands

Most furniture stores have their own brand of mattress, usually unknown and unlikely to be developed with the latest back support technology. Though there are exceptions to the rule, if you’re looking for a mattress to support your upper or lower back pain, choosing from a reputable brand that specialises in mattresses should provide you with a bed you can trust.

Finding the right mattress will take time, especially when discovering what works best for your back pain needs. Contact us at MyChiro today to discuss how to design the perfect night sleep for you, and explore exercise and treatment options for your back pain concerns.

Photo: mattress by Dean Hochman licensed under Creative commons 2