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Knee Pain

Knee pain is devastating and can have an adverse effect on your capability to function optimally. Climbing the stairs, running, walking and bending over can become very difficult if your knee is in pain. Luckily, chiropractic care may assist you to regain your mobility and do usual daily tasks that may otherwise be challenging when you have a sore knee.

What are the causes of knee pain?

Knee pain is usually a dull ache, which may become sharp when you make specific movements. This pain has many causes such as old and sudden injuries, arthritis, obesity, poor posture, tendonitis, bursitis, spine misalignment, bone spurs and pinched nerves. Knowing the diagnosis, including the cause of knee pain, is an essential step in seeking treatment. If the cause of the knee pain isn’t known, consider talking to your sydney chiropractor. He or she will diagnose your current condition and offer the best treatment.

Can chiropractic care help?

A chiropractor will find the cause of your knee problem and assist your body in preventing the recreation of anything that could be the cause. Usually, chiropractic care looks at the entire structure of the body with the aim of creating long-lasting corrections. Some chiropractic techniques that may help with knee pain include:

Spinal adjustment – this treatment method is designed to create a spinal balance, to avoid placing extra pressure on all body joints, including your knees. Alignment and balance are restored through spinal adjustment. This reduces inflammation and pain, prevents the body’s wear and tear and restores functionality to the knees.

Posture correction – just like spinal misalignment, awkward or poor posture puts unnecessary pressure on the muscles and joints. A chiropractor examines the posture of the body and makes the necessary corrections, especially on the knee.

Trigger point therapy – this technique involves pressure application on specific points of your body to minimise discomfort and pain.

Lifestyle counsel – most people experience knee pain due to harmful habits and behaviours. Your chiropractor may help by recommending lifestyle and behavioural adjustments to prevent injury and reduce pain.

Nutrition counselling – Chiropractors provide nutrition advice to help store energy for exercising and managing weight gain. With time, this may help a patient lose weight, reducing pressure on the knees as well as other body joints.

Ultrasound therapy – in this method, ultrasound waves are used to massage painful muscles and joints. This minimises stiffness, relieves pain and boosts a patient’s mobility.

If you are currently experiencing knee pain, regardless of the cause, consider contacting our professional Eastern suburb chiropractors and you may restore mobility to your knees and decrease your discomfort.


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