Six things that may be negatively affecting your posture

There are many reasons why your posture may be negatively affecting your health. Often it is only slight changes to our lifestyle that may cause unrelenting pain in our bodies. This unexpected pain may not only hinder your ability to perform your daily activities with ease, but it could also impact your zest for life. Here are six things that may be negatively affecting your posture:

1. Sitting too long. Our bodies are designed for movement, so having a sedentary lifestyle can largely impact your posture by weakening your core muscles. Increase your movement by taking a walk during your lunch break, or by visiting the gym 3-4 days a week.

2 Overuse of technology. Slouching forward when using mobile phones or computers can misalign your neck muscles and cause you unnecessary pain. Remember to be aware of your posture when using your mobile phone or laptop and take regular breaks.

3. Poor sleeping position. Sleeping on your stomach can push the curve of the neck out of alignment. Take care when choosing your sleeping position.

4. Incorrect pillow height or unsupportive mattress. If your pillow is too high, it will push your head forward, much like sitting at a computer would. If your pillow is too low, it will not give your neck enough support. Your mattress also has a large impact on your posture, as we spend almost 8 hours a day sleeping on it. Remember to replace your mattress every ten years to ensure it continues to support your body.

5. Repetitive movements or asymmetrical work. Repetitive movements, or asymmetrical actions, like playing guitar, can negatively affect your posture. Take regular breaks and stretch where possible.

6. Your current level of health and fitness. Your core strength, flexibility and endurance all have an impact on the current state of your posture. Is your body as healthy as it can be? Do you have any injuries that may be negatively affecting your posture?

If you are concerned about the current state of your posture or are experiencing neck or shoulder pain, book an appointment online with one of our friendly and qualified chiropractors to see how we can help.

Photo: Ibanez Roadgear 600 by MaQPhoto88 licensed under Creative commons 4