Why does my wrist hurt?

You may not think it, but you can take a trip to a My Chiro chiropractor if suffering from wrist pain. We offer a range of services to help get your wrist well on its way back to working order, as we can understand the imposition aches and pains in your wrists can have on your day. For example, they can hold you back at work if involved in a job that includes typing or heaving lifting and can hold you back in your personal life during food shopping, etc. That’s why our experts have created this blog; to act as a guide on the causes of wrist pain and what a chiropractor can do for you.

Why does my wrist hurt?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

There are many reasons as to why your wrist may hurt. Chief amongst this is Carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be caused when the median nerve located on the palm side of your hand becomes trapped and can lead to an aching sensation in your wrist, but also your thumb, index, middle or ring fingers. Such pain can lead to side effects such as swelling or numbness as a result of repetitive movement.


Tendinitis is a pain that can occur in the wrist as a result of an irritation or inflammation of the tendons located within the surrounding area. It can be caused by repetitive action and can lead to aches and tender pain if touched, as well as swelling and/or feelings of tightness.

How can a My Chiro chiropractor help me?

If you’re currently suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis (or a like-minded wrist pain), a My Chiro chiropractor can help you by offering a range of services that can ease both the pain and the inflammation involved. With professional use of the latest technologies, you will receive not just physical but also emotional guidance through the process of restoring your wrist. Not only do we apply technical know-how, but we also know how such pains can have a jarring effect on your mental health.

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