Chiropractic care for better posture

Daily life can be tough on our bodies, especially when we do things that negatively impact upon our posture. These activities, which often cannot be avoided, can then go on to cause us back pain, neck pain, headaches and all sorts of ailments.

For example, if you work at a desk and sit all day, you may develop forward or slumped shoulders and may also worsen lower back symptoms such as bulging discs or lordosis. A student may develop upper back problems from carrying a heavy backpack and, if they carry the backpack over one shoulder, this may cause one shoulder to droop. Other issues that affect posture are extra weight, pregnancy, stress or wearing high heeled shoes.

Muscle imbalances

Our muscles can form habits when they are used the same way for a long time, which causes muscle imbalances. This is where some muscles become overstretched and weak and others become overly tight. Chiropractic care may help to correct these imbalances. Firstly, your chiropractor will take a complete history of your symptoms and perform a thorough postural check. A postural check is non-invasive and involves your chiropractor simply looking for anything that appears uneven, out of alignment or unsymmetrical, such as one hip sitting higher than the other, or forward or lopsided shoulders.

Realigning the vertebrae

Once the problem areas have been assessed, the chiropractic treatment will begin. Chiropractic treatments generally involve careful and targeted adjustments of the spine in order to realign the vertebrae, release tension and ease pain. As chiropractic treatment takes a holistic approach, your chiropractor may also give you several other methods of care such as some exercises to facilitate better posture or to help stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles. These exercises will work in conjunction with the adjustments and assist the body in keeping the adjustments in place. Sometimes, postural problems can begin with the feet. In this instance, your chiropractor may also be able to offer some inserts for your shoes in order to correct this.

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