Could school be causing back pain for your child?

If your child is repeatedly complaining about back pain, it could be that their behaviour in the classroom or their school uniform is causing them back problems. It is important to correct any back problems a child is having to prevent them from turning into more serious issues as the child ages. Asking yourself the three questions below may help to identify the cause of any pain your child is having.

1. What bag does your child use?

While you may wish to let your child use whatever bag they like, shoulder and tote bags may contort the spine into unnatural positions due to stress being felt on only one side of the body. Backpacks are a great alternative as they distribute weight evenly and can be bought with padded straps to ensure the most comfort for your child.

2. What shoes is your child wearing?

The foot bones of a child are still relatively soft as they continue to grow until a child reaches adolescence. This means that if a child wears ill-fitting shoes, their foot may be moulded in such a way that causes pain in the hips and spine. When buying footwear with your child ensure the shoe can be fit securely to your child’s foot, with laces, velcro or a buckle for example, and avoid pointed shoes as these can potentially force toes into an unnatural position. Aim to find a shoe that supports the natural arch of your child’s foot, this way they are able to run, jump and play with total support.

3. How is your child sitting at school?

Although it may be impossible to watch your child sit at their school desk, watch how they sit at your dinner table and note how good, or bad, their posture may be. Challenge your child to keep their spine in an ‘S’ shape for as long as possible and to try not to slip into a slouchy ‘C’ shape as this may cause multiple back problems.

If your child continues to experience back pain, consider arranging a consultation with a chiropractor. My Chiro is a chiropractor Sydney residents choose time and again. For more information book an appointment online today.

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