Five things to do for the onset of headaches and migraines

Regular headache and migraine sufferers know how frustrating and painful the onset of an attack can be. The experience can initiate almost instantly, derailing your day immediately, and rendering your work or social life over. However, there are simple and effective ways to ease the instantaneous onset of headaches and migraines, to help you last through the day without exacerbating your symptoms. In this article, we divulge our expert tips to combating your headache pain, and what you should do when the pain symptoms become unbearable.

Stay hydrated

You may not be able to identify the reason why your headache or migraine has come on suddenly. However, dehydration is a prevalent cause that affects most people. As your pain persists, keep yourself hydrated by consuming water and electrolyte based supplements. You may find this combats your headache quickly, but even if it doesn’t, your recovery isn’t derailed by remaining hydrated.

Cease your activity

Simple activities we do every day can cause headaches and migraines, with the prolonged-time sitting or standing with incorrect posture causing the onset of the pain. Once you experience the migraine symptoms, you are best to stop the activity you are doing at the time, whether it be sitting at the desk, completing your regular exercises, or suchlike activities. Taking this break may ease your symptoms instantly.

Get some rest

Most migraine sufferers feel the need to escape to a dark room, with low light, preferably in the warmth of a comfortable bed, and this action is highly advisable. Recovering from the pain is highly demanding and can take its toll on your energy levels quickly; therefore, immediate rest is essential. Learning to relax, meditate and release your stress will also benefit during this time, and can help you to manage the pain better.

Take the pressure of your head

The pressure applied to your head may be the simple reason you are suffering from a headache or migraine. An extended period wearing a tight hat, with a tightly pulled ponytail, or with swimming goggles masked around your temple can put pressure on your head and be causing you the pain. Try releasing this pressure as soon as you can by removing the tight item entirely and replace it with the application of a cold pack to your temples.

Book an appointment with your chiropractor

One of the worst things you can do for your persistent headaches and migraines is ignoring the cause of the issue, leaving it untreated where it can return without notice. Book in to see your Sydney chiropractor now, and allow us to help you treat the cause of your headaches today!

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