The Behaviours Behind Your Neck Pain Getting Worse

Neck pain is one of the most common types of muscular and joint pain experienced by Australians; however, the majority of people consistently ignore their suffering. While persisting through the discomfort seems tempting, it’s possible you are causing more harm to your injured area and risking further damage in spite of your recovery.

Certain everyday activities are detrimental to your neck ailment and increase your recovery time significantly. In this article, we share with you why your neck pain is getting worse, the simple behaviours to avoid aggravating your neck pain further, and the everyday activities that prolong your discomfort.

The reasons why you neck pain is getting worse

Here are the 4 key issues that may be contributing to the pains that circulate the neck region.

Spending Too Long On The Phone

The simple act of holding a phone to your head, clutching the phone to your ear by holding the device with your shoulder, or spending long hours preferencing once side of your neck is causing you more considerable pain. Though it’s near impossible to avoid making calls during this time, swap your method of holding your phone to one that is hands-free. These include headsets, wired headphones, and earbuds that don’t require strain on your neck muscles to operate them. Making this simple change will allow you to continue your daily life while not compromising the position of your neck.


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Spending Too Long At The Desk

Sitting too long is detrimental for your posture and joint health, even when you aren’t suffering from neck pain. The majority of desk dwellers aren’t provided with the best seats, desks, and set up ideal for their posture. Sitting at the desk can often be the catalyst for your neck pain, as the prolonged time without moving or stretching can severely lock up your neck joints, and exacerbate any joint issues.

Not Seeking Treatment

Easily one of the most significant actions holding back your recovery is ignoring your neck pain and neglecting to seek treatment from your local chiropractor. Chiropractors specialise in neck pain, working with the patient’s posture and pain levels to find the best treatment possible. Extended time without treatment can lead to irreversible damage, and pain that follows you for the rest of your life, so don’t let anything stop you from seeing your chiropractor.


Not Following Up With Exercises

Your chiropractor will provide you with uncomplicated mobility and strength exercises to improve your posture, release your neck pain, and prevent the same issue from reoccurring in the future. However, with hectic schedules and pressing commitments, most people neglect the time to complete these exercises and find themselves back where they once were. Neck pain is cyclical, and it’s essential to complete your rehabilitation exercises consistently, so you don’t end up with chronic pain for the rest of your life.

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