Four things chiropractors want every runner to know

Running can be tough on the body, causing a range of painful problems including shin splints, joint stiffness, lower back pain, and much more. Fortunately, most chiropractors are used to seeing runners come through their doors, many of whom benefit from reduced pain and improved performance in the long term.

If you’re a runner planning on booking an appointment with a chiropractor, we’ve put together a few things they will want you to know before coming into the office. Following these simple tips may help improve their chances of treating you effectively and may help to mitigate your pain in the long term.

1. Think carefully before buying your running shoes

Do not buy running shoes simply because they look good. Whilst style may be important to you, do not prioritise it over comfort and fit. When visiting your local sports shop, remember to try on a range of styles to compare how they feel on your feet. If they feel too tight, too loose or simply “off”, you should move on to another pair.

2. Do not stretch cold muscles before going for a run

Whilst stretching before a run is unlikely to cause much damage, recent studies have shown that stretching cold muscles can make people run slower, as well as making them feel as if they are expending more energy. Instead, you may want to try warming up with a brisk walk or a very slow jog for about ten minutes. This will ensure that your muscles are prepared for exercise and will mitigate the chances of a strain or tear.

3. Provide your chiropractor with as much information as possible

Whilst chiropractors are trained professionals who will try their best to ease your pain, they are not mind-readers. Try to be as specific about where you are feeling pain and they will be able to focus their efforts on the problems that are bothering you.

4. Don’t run on an injury

Every runner will know how frustrating it can be to be cooped up inside after an injury. However, avoiding running when you are in pain is vital if you want to recover as quickly as possible. Visiting a chiropractor at the first signs of pain will also boost their chances of helping you.

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