Increased pain management: how to lower your stress levels naturally

Stress can be one of the most hidden yet significant catalysts of pain. As the body experiences higher pressure from external and internal stress, your usual pain points, such as stiff joints and lower back pain, becomes increasingly unbearable, forcing you off your feet for longer than hoped. In this article, we describe the best ways to manage your stress to avoid added pain and discomfort, outlining the easy techniques to regulate stress for a pain-free body.

Allocate relaxation times

One of the most respected methods for managing stress is by dedicating time to relaxation, in the form that benefits you most. Some people choose to blow off steam with sport and exercise, and others prefer to relax with a book and soothing tea. The style of relaxation is your choice, but dedicating a regular, specific time to unwind and de-stress is essential. Specifically for your joints and muscle pain management, utilise the time to relax the body physically, which may involve ice, heat, or any gentle stretching that your nearby chiropractor advises.

Invest in massage

Those with upper and lower back pain will attest to the power of massage. Pain sufferers highly praise both relaxation and therapeutic massages as a de-stress option, as this treatment style creates positive blood flow to the pain affected areas. Combined with spinal checks, postural analysis and regular chiropractic treatment, massages can help to address both relaxation and provide pain treatment within one convenient session. Your chiropractor will expertly advise the best type of massage for you, guiding you to treatment styles and therapists that will aid in your de-stressing.

Practise breathing and meditation

Meditation, as a stress reliever, has surged in popularity in the last few years, and more practitioners are leaning towards this method to help pain sufferers. While it isn’t a replacement for pain treatment, meditation and controlled breathing techniques help those with joint and muscular pain better manage their condition during flare-ups, helping to reduce the stressful feelings that come during this time.

Address pain regularly

Sometimes your stress can be caused by pain, and the vicious cycle of pain and stress doesn’t straighten itself out until you can better manage your condition. Once you experience a flare-up of pain, make an appointment with your chiropractor immediately, so that you are able to receive adequate treatment as quickly as possible. Leaving pain unattended will only exacerbate your stress, so vigilance is essential to keep your cortisol levels low. If you’re experiencing high stress due to joint pain, stiffness or from headaches and migraines, contact us at MyChiro now to secure your appointment!

Photo: Free image by Pixabay