Do Chiropractors Help Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder comprises tendons, muscles and ligaments, not to mention the ball socket where the bones make a joint. Pain in the shoulder may cause a lot of discomfort, requiring medical diagnosis and treatment. We understand that if the soft tissues are affected or the bony structure of the shoulder is injured, you may end up experiencing a lot of agitation that is made worse by movement. So do chiropractors help shoulder pain? To help alleviate your shoulder pain, we ensure that we make the proper diagnosis for the type of pain you are experiencing, investigating the root of the problem so we can correct the issue.

Depending on what caused the shoulder pain, our Bondi Junction chiropractors strive to draw a line between common shoulder injuries and more chronic causes that could lead to more severe conditions. We understand that if the pain is not diagnosed correctly, the treatment options used could make the problem worse. 

Some of the causes of shoulder pain are:

  • Unsteadiness of the shoulder
  • Arthritis
  • Tearing of the tendons
  • Broken or fractured bones

Once we know what is causing the pain, we may recommend some exercises that may help alleviate the pain or refer you to other services accordingly.

Exercises for Shoulder Pain

One of the exercises you may try out is the arm-across-chest-stretch, and the goal of this exercise is to enable you to pull your right arm across your chest without feeling any pain. The exercise entails holding your arm out in front of your body near your waist, and then reaching out to the left elbow across your chest. If there is some pain in the right shoulder, lower the arm until the pain decreases. Repeat the exercise five times or until there is no more pain in the shoulder.

Other exercises include

  • Neck release
  • Chest expansion
  • Seated twist
  • The 90-90 Shoulder stretch

Do Chiropractors Help Shoulder Pain?


Our trained and experienced Sydney chiropractors may guide you through each one of them successfully, as a way of easing the pain before application of other treatment options. We aim to see that you resume your normal daily activities and enjoy a more active lifestyle after suffering from shoulder pain. Our shoulder conditioning programs last between three to six weeks depending on the pain intensity, the cause, and the condition of the shoulder muscles and tendons within a few days of rehabilitation.

Do not keep suffering from shoulder pain that seems not to go away with over-the-counter pain medications. Visit us today and book an appointment with our specialists to help you manage your shoulder pain.