Travelling with joint pain and stiffness

Sufferers of persistent joint stiffness and pain shouldn’t have to live trapped inside, unable to see the world or enjoy the activities they love. The idea of travelling with joint pain can seem incredibly daunting, with sufferers concerned that long flights and extended road trips will only exacerbate the pain. However, it’s entirely possible to travel with joint pain and enjoy your holiday, and in this article, we outline the easy ways to make your next trip as pain-free as possible.

Prioritise movement

Sitting for too long during your holiday will create stiffness in your joints, therefore its best to undertake periods of activity and movement as often as possible. During long haul flights, for example, stand up, stretch and walk the cabin as frequently as you can. On road-trips, prioritise stopping times, and aim to walk between your destinations as much as possible.

For seated journeys such as your flights, bus or train trips, planning is also essential. Ideally, book yourself the aisle seat, so you can easily stand up without disturbing other passengers. If your pain becomes exacerbated, and you envisage the need for priority boarding or access, contact the transportation carrier to request help boarding and disembarking assistance.

Prioritise health

It’s easy to overindulge on your holidays; larger than normal meals, alcohol and junk food can very quickly become a staple of the vacation diet. However, consumption of these foods, mainly processed foods, are a chief cause of inflammation in the body. When you’re travelling with joint pain and stiffness, inflammation is an issue you need to avoid, and prioritising a natural, healthy diet should keep the swelling at bay. These choices should also include adequate hydration, invest in a water bottle you can easily travel with and refill, or find an easy to access provider of water, such as a nearby supermarket, to easily stock up when you need.

Prioritise advice

Before you begin your next holiday, it’s essential to discuss your travel plans with your chiropractor. Preventative care is a treatment style every chiropractor can assist you with, as they can identify the possible times in your specific travels when your joint pain may become an issue. As this advice is tailored specifically to your condition, use this appointment to ask of any other factors or precautions you should take while travelling, and for a plan of what to do when the pain becomes too much.

Are you going on holiday and suffer severe joint pain or stiffness? Contact us at MyChiro today to discuss how to manage your condition effectively while travelling!

Photo: airplane by jenlight licensed under Creative commons 5