Chiropractors can help combat ear infections?

Ear infections are a common – and for some, recurring – issue that can cause you to hit the brakes in everyday life. Caused by the swelling of the eustachian tubes and the subsequent blocking of ear fluids, such infections can be rather painful for the sufferer. Especially for small children and/or those who have yet to be diagnosed by the doctor, this pain can be rather worrying. Below we explore how a chiropractor may be able to help ear infections.

Why choose a chiropractor to help tackle ear infections?

By choosing a chiropractor to help tackle the pain caused by ear infections that you may be struggling with, you’re choosing a non-invasive remedy that doesn’t involve antibiotics. Not only does this help with the worldwide issue of antibiotic resistance, but to some taking physical capsules can be rather difficult, and the wait to see a doctor is stressful. Instead, our professionals – after they have confirmed that it is an ear infection that you’re struggling with – offer readjustment treatment.

What is readjustment treatment?

Readjustment is a spinal treatment offered by chiropractors. You might be a little confused right now, wondering what your spine has to do with your ears, however, it supports the central nervous system which is responsible for the body’s pain management. By ironing out misalignments in the spine and improving the health of joints overall – which can be caused by poor postures and diets, as well as cases of insomnia – your body can get to work on the inflammation that is caused by ear infections.

What are the other benefits of readjustment treatment?

As well as helping to combat cases of ear infections, there are other benefits to seeking readjustment treatment from a My Chiro chiropractor. For example, we can try to improve your coordination as cases of pain can throw your sensors off a little and may be able to decrease discomfort, whilst increasing flexibility.

For more information on how our team at My Chiro can help you to tackle ear infections, feel free to contact us today.

Dr. Steven Lockstone


Dr Steven is a Sydney Chiropractor in Bondi Junction with 21 years clinical experience.

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