Chiropractor For Migraines

How does a chiropractor help with migraines?

Migraines are categorised as intense, frequently occurring headaches that affect vision and cause nausea along with other unpleasant symptoms. There is no cure, so it’s difficult to know what to do to stop them; a doctor might recommend pain medication or lifestyle changes, but there is no guarantee they will work. One alternative treatment is visiting a chiropractor, but are they really able to help with migraines? This is what we will answer in this blog.

How does a chiropractor help with migraines?

Although studies into this are limited, a 2011 study showed that there may be some benefits to chiropractic treatment on the symptoms of migraines [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3072494/]. More research is needed, but this data is encouraging.

Chiropractors are experts in finding problem areas and reducing tension, relieving the underlying issue causing the pain that typical pain killers mask but don’t treat. This may help with migraines because lots of people report neck pain, tension and stiffness as a side effect.

What does chiropractic treatment target?

Chiropractic treatment focuses on joints and tissues, using pressure and movement to stimulate blood flow and reduce tension. By finding tense areas of the neck, shoulders or back, a chiropractor helps your muscles and bones relax in the natural position they are supposed to be in. This may help prevent tension that causes migraines.

They may also perform a spinal check, with adjustments or manipulation. This is done to reduce the amount of stress your back is under and improve spinal function, which improves your posture and supports your whole body.

Should I visit a chiropractor for migraine treatment?

If you’re suffering frequently from migraines, contact your doctor – they may wish to do some tests to ensure it is not a serious issue. You may wish to complement any treatment they are able to offer with chiropractic care to try and reduce the amount of strain your joints are under in case this is contributing to your migraines. Or, you may wish to avoid medication altogether and rely solely on alternative treatments. It is a personal choice, but there are limited drawbacks to visiting a chiropractor, as they benefit your health in many ways, even if it can’t be guaranteed that they will help with migraines.

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