Chiropractic Care For Shoulder Pain

How to address exercise with shoulder pain

Exercising and physically pushing yourself is virtually impossible with persistent pain, and shoulder pain is just one part of the body that can inhibit your progress and ability. Though you want to keep moving, it can be tiresome to persist with exercising, especially if you’re unsure of the root of your shoulder pain. In this article, we share with you the ways to exercise safely with shoulder discomfort, outlining how to modify your routine to avoid worsening the situation and further injuring yourself.

Modify your exercise routine

You will quickly discover that your shoulder pain will inhibit your mobility; your decreased range of motion and level of strength will be significantly affected by your pain levels. To ensure you can complete a workout without aggravation, you’re best to modify your workout considerably. This may be to avoid shoulder centric exercises until the pain subsides, change to lower weights or repetitions for the affected area or opt for cardio-based activities that don’t require significant shoulder movement.

Prioritise rest

Recovery is essential when you are suffering from shoulder pain, especially post-workout. Giving yourself added rest time allows you to manage the pain while letting the affected area recuperate from the exercises. Additional rest can be easy to add to your routine; consider adding heat and ice post-workout, targeted stretches, foam rolling, massage, and more sleep. You may find yourself needing longer to recover than usual, so allocate additional time between shoulder workouts to address this.

Learn when to stop

Pain isn’t something you always want to push through, as this is your body’s indicator that something isn’t right. Persisting through pain to exercise may undo all of your good intentions, worsening your condition and leaving you unable to move or without the comfortable use of your shoulders. Learning when to stop exercising to let yourself heal or to manage your shoulder pain is essential, and you shouldn’t be afraid to quit exercising to avoid long term damage temporarily.

Seek chiropractic help

Enduring your pain alone, without medical help, isn’t wise. As we mentioned earlier, there are many ways your pain can become easily exacerbated, leaving you with permanent pain and damage. Your chiropractor will be able to investigate the cause of your shoulder pain, offering you treatment and guidance towards managing your pain. Your chiropractic management will include exercise recommendations during your recovery, with specific exercise suggestions to work out pain-free.

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay