How to easily avoid back pain during cleaning

Injuries can happen while doing the most basic of household chores; activities such as mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and simple tidying can be the catalyst of lower back pain and related injuries. Due to twisting movements, unsupported bending, and jerking actions, cleaning can place significant pressure on the spine and joints. In this article, we share with you our expert chiropractor tips to avoiding back pain during cleaning, and how to modify your cleaning habits to support your spine health and proper postural habits.

Lift heavy items mindfully

Lower back pain is often caused by moving heavy objects, either through repeated motion or from one-off actions executed unsafely. When you need to move heavy objects around, such as shifting couches to clean underneath them, take the time to lift carefully, concentrating on raising the item close to your body with a straight spine. If in doubt, and the object proves too heavy, don’t persist with the action; instead, enlist help from a loved one to lift with you.

Avoid hunching

As we clean, especially during mopping, vacuuming and cleaning out small spaces, we tend to contort our body into an unnatural spinal position, curving the spine for an extended period. During your next clean, actively concentrate on straightening your body, avoiding the hunched position as much as possible. This change in body position will take some adjusting in your mindset, so don’t fret if you don’t completely master it from the beginning.

Avoid cleaning with pain

Most of the time, our household chores are unavoidable, yet cleaning with throbbing back pain isn’t a good idea. Though your pain may not have been caused by cleaning initially, you will likely worsen your condition by pushing through. When your upper or lower pain flares, utilise this time to rest and reschedule your cleaning, either to a time when your pain is more manageable or when you can seek the help of a loved one instead.

Take rest breaks

Taking regular breaks from your cleaning helps avoid constant pressure on your lower back and spine. While you may choose to rest completely, you can try switching between activities, swapping jobs that require bending with tasks that are seated or less active. With this simple swap, you can still complete your cleaning activities without worsening your pain.

Seek your chiropractor’s help

Lower back pain from cleaning is common, and your chiropractor is happy to help you manage your home demands to suit your pain levels. Contact us at MyChiro today to discuss the course best for you!

Photo: Free image by Pixabay