Should I make an appointment with a chiropractor following a car accident?

As anyone that has been in a car accident will know, it can be difficult to focus on one’s personal needs following a collision. Indeed, the combination of emotional stress and administrative obligations can be disorientating, and those involved in the accident may be tempted to ignore lingering physical symptoms such as shoulder pain, neck stiffness or lower back pain.

However, booking in for an evaluation with a chiropractor in the days following a car crash may help you to avoid prolonged pain and suffering. Obviously, any serious and immediate injuries such as blows to the head or fractures require a prompt trip to your nearest hospital. If you feel fine and do not notice any pain, however, it is still worth booking in chiropractic evaluation. Here’s why:

Even minor car collisions can cause lasting physical damage

Whilst a car accident may seem minor, particularly if the vehicle does not sustain much damage, it still has the potential to cause lasting injury. This is because any kind of jolt caused by a collision has the potential to damage soft tissues around the neck and back. If these issues go unidentified or unaddressed, they may become chronic in later life. Ultimately, the only way of ensuring that you have been unharmed by an accident is to be evaluated by a professional.

A chiropractor may be able to improve your mobility

Most people that sustain mild car crash injuries only start to notice joint stiffness or soreness a few days after the event. A chiropractor will be able to work with you to address any mobility issues associated with this pain and stiffness.

A chiropractor may be able to to help relieve pain

The pain experienced following a car crash can be emotionally distressing and physically debilitating, preventing you from getting on with your everyday life. Chiropractors are trained to address soft tissue injuries and may be able to offer an alternative or supplement to traditional painkillers. After all, many people find that taking drugs for pain can cause unwanted side effects.

A chiropractor may be able to shorten your recovery time

Scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor immediately after your accident may help to cut down your recovery time. This is because they may be able to spot unnoticed injuries early on and work with you to address them.

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