The benefits of chiropractic care for sciatica

Sciatic nerve pain is known to wreak havoc on everyday life for sufferers. A common health concern that the globally revered Cleveland Clinic estimates will affect up to 40% of people during their lifetime [https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/12792-sciatica], sciatica causes pain throughout the lower back, buttocks and down either one or both legs.

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic sciatica, chiropractic care may help you find relief.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica (or sciatic nerve pain) is pain that stems from the sciatic nerve, a large nerve located in the lower back that travels down your hips, buttocks and legs. The sciatic nerve is the largest diametric nerve in the entire human body and serves an important purpose in leg muscle movement as well as sensory function.

Sciatic nerve pain has a range of causes, from common catalysts like inflammation, injury, irritation or a pinched nerve, to more serious conditions like a tumour compressing the nerve or a bone spur.

The condition usually affects one side of the body, and those who suffer from sciatica typically experience a range of symptoms, depending on how serious their condition is. Some sufferers have lower back, hip or buttocks pain that is described as aching, burning, throbbing or even stabbing. Others experience loss of feeling or muscle weakness in their legs as far down as their knees or even feet.

How chiropractic care may help ease sciatic nerve pain

Sciatica nerve treatment is a common reason that patients visit chiropractors, and chiropractors may provide relief from sciatic pain through a range of expert treatments, once they have assessed sciatica as the cause of your symptoms.

Many with sciatica find almost immediate relief after a manual chiropractic adjustment that aims to realign the spine and relieve sciatic pain caused by pinched nerves or slipped discs. Chiropractors may also provide you with an ongoing treatment plan, including exercises to relieve pain, application of heat and cold and ongoing consultations.

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