3 reasons why posture is so important

Chances are that you were probably told to ‘sit up straight’ countless times as a child. While this was probably annoying at the time, your parents only had your best interests at heart. Having the correct posture is not only key to adopting good etiquette, but is also vital to keeping your body strong and looking its best. Good posture is essential for a variety of reasons. Read on for three reasons why having the correct posture is essential for your physical health.

1. Better lung capacity

Breathing isn’t something many of us think about, but for those suffering from chronic lung diseases, it’s a concern every single day. Poor posture, such as rounded shoulders, makes it remarkably harder for people with limited lung capacity to breathe.

When you slouch forward, your diaphragm is unable to fully extend your chest and lungs. This decreased lung capacity might cause you to feel tired more often and prevent you from completing physical activities as easily. Ensuring you’re sitting and standing upright, on the other hand, will allow you to fully use your lung capacity.

2. Correct positioning of joints and muscles

Good posture helps you keep your bones, joints and muscles in the correct position. This guarantees that your muscles are utilised properly, resulting in minimal wear of joint surfaces and tension on the ligaments.

Your muscles also perform more effectively when you have good posture. It allows the body to use less energy, preventing muscular weariness. It also aids in the prevention of muscle strain, overuse and even back and muscle discomfort.

3. Enhanced mood

Did you know that your posture also has an impact on your mood? Consider how a sad person appears: slouched and slumped, with hunched shoulders and a drooping head. When you’re happy and comfortable, you naturally adopt an upright posture. Stand up, bring your shoulders back and elevate your face if you’re feeling down and upset. This simple step might make you feel more positive and happier.

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