5 benefits of walking every chiropractor wants you to know

Walking is easily one of the most underrated forms of exercise and activity, despite most chiropractor’s high praise of the activity. Though some see walking as slow and ineffective, this type of exercise is highly engaging, easy to maintain and versatile for every fitness level. In this article, we share with you our Sydney based chiropractor’s advice on walking, explaining how this simple movement will permanently enhance your treatment outcomes and overall lifestyle.

Increased mobility

As sedentary lifestyles become more prevalent, we spend less time on our feet and less time utilising our muscles and mobilising our joints. As a result, we experience less flexibility, muscular strength, and spinal flexibility. Walking is an effective way to counteract our inactivity, as it helps to stretch out the limbs and spine easily without adding strain to already sore joints.

Back pain management

For those who suffer from upper and lower back pain, walking is one of the most effective exercises to help manage the pain all the while increasing exercise. As this style of movement is low impact, back pain sufferers can efficiently complete it, usually without added interrupted to work and family life. Walking also improves necessary circulation, which can help to alleviate inflamed areas causing added pain.

Weight management

What most back pain sufferers, especially, need to avoid is added weight, as the additional pounds cause intensified pain, impaired balance, and overall fatigue. Walking helps to manage a person’s weight effortlessly, as most people will attest to how easy it is to add into the daily routine, and the sustainability of walking is towards achieving long term weight goals.

Joint support

Fluid-filled discs make up the cushioning between our vertebrae. The disc can lose fluid quickly from compression, which occurs from a sedentary lifestyle. These discs aren’t connected to our blood supply; how these discs rejuvenate their water supply is through movement like walking, in which oxygen and nutrients flood the discs, providing much-needed nutrients. For those with joint pain and alike disorders, walking is essential to manage the pain, as well as increase lifelong mobility.

Improved tone and strength

Walking is a compound exercise, in which the majority of our muscles and joints activate to perform the workout. With arms and legs moving simultaneously, as well as the core activation for stability, walking is an excellent means of toning and muscular strength building.

Adding walking to your routine is easy; speak to one of our expert chiropractors here at MyChiro to begin experiencing the benefits today!

Photo: Free image by Pixabay