Does poor posture result in back pain?

Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives. It might result from an accident, a sports injury, or a congenital problem like scoliosis. However, most upper or lower back discomfort occurs over the course of daily living. In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at how poor posture may result in back pain.

How poor posture leads to back pain

Certain activities that you engage in at home or work, such as lifting and carrying heavy loads or sitting at a computer for long hours, may result in backache. Poor posture may cause stress to develop in several areas within your muscle tissues, such as discs and spinal joints. Over time, this stress may continue to build up, gradually weakening the affected structure. For instance:

• Standing or sitting for lengthy periods with your shoulders hunched strains and weakens your back, abdominal muscles and core. It limits blood flow to these areas, resulting in weakness and stiffness.
• A herniated lumbar disc results from incorrect lifting techniques. It may cause discomfort to the lower back or leg pains.
• A slight forward bend in the spine is caused by an unsupported sitting position. This forward bend may cause lower spinal disc herniation in the long run.
• Reading or working on a laptop while resting on your stomach may cause your hip and lower back to stretch and bend backward. This may change the dynamics of your lower spinal curve.

How a chiropractor might help to improve your posture

One of the primary advantages of investing in chiropractic therapy is that it reduces back pain while helping to improve posture. Chiropractors do this by performing specific adjustments to your neck, shoulders, and back that relieve tension in surrounding muscles, improve joint mobility, and realign your spine. When combined with tailored in-clinic treatments, this therapy builds muscle memory. It helps to retain improved alignment and enjoy long-term improvements in your posture.

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